What our customers say about us

January 11 2021
Managing my Computer Cafe is now easier
When I Heard about Tessellation I wasn't really sure about getting a subscription, I tried their generous free plan, Managing my business is now easier
February 23 2021
Works Wonders in Schools
Being a Technical incharge is quite troublesome at times, Tessellation has helped me identify faulty systems managing and maintaining them is so easier,it saves us a lot of time and resources
March 14 2021
Amazing for Conducting Online Exams
With the advanced DNS Blocking we can restrict our students to a limited resources and webpages,reducing plagiarism and cheating
April 8 2021
Tessellation is the Best!!
We use Tessellation at our University, after the addition of Tessellation our University has saved a few thousands of Dollars in energy savings and replaced old devices with new ones
May 26 2021
A Happy School
With Tesselation we were able to seat students more easily by ignoring the non-functional ones, a great jump in productivity
June 6 2021
Lab Incharge Saved
Our institution uses Tesselation, and I must admit managing devices is way easier than it was before,in a single click I am able to shutdown all systems and leave worry-free